On this page you can see projects implemented in Blackberry OS

SDriver for Keyboards

Set of drivers for different manufacturers. BT HID and SPP keyboards; driver for laser keyboard. Totally 5 manufacturers.

Technologies: remote keyboard, key posting, HID, SPP, layouts, key sequences

MAmazon SQS library

Library wraps Amazon message interchanges with Amazon SQS technology.

Technologies: Amazon SQS, encoding/decoding, installer

LIBO mobile assistant

PAssistant helps to manage and review information about IBO members. This solution had integration with server based on different access roles.

Technologies: email, reminders, calendar, contacts, Lotus Notes, user permissions

SClient Call Manager

Helps to manage phone calls in scope of billing invoices.

Technologies: custom UI, email, xml, Json, user customization, call statistic, contacts, server synchronization, HTML

MServer synchronizer

Totally massive project with support of different sync protocols. Lately a customer moved to cloud technologies.

Technologies: SOAP, XML, JSon, XML-RPC, WV, SyncML, WML, XML Pull, sync4j

LUser data gatherer

Project finally grew up to a platform for making questionnaires, and gathering data from users in dynamically customizable formats without requirement to update mobile client itself.

Technologies: email-on-fly, XML-based UI, questionnaire, surveys, custom UI, registration, encryption, synchronization


The application is intended to support easy and cheap user-callback to predefined services allocated to a user.

Technologies: SMS, custom UI, protocol devise

MSimple Tetris

just a well-known Game.

Technologies: custom UI, pretty blocks, http, public score table

LSMS decoding

The application is a part of a security system. A user receives specially formed SMS and based on own credentials SMS will be decoded to a normal text

Technologies: SMS, email, encoding/decoding, AES256, asymmetric encryption

LExpenses monitor

The app measures your data, voice, and sms usage and compares it to your telecom plan. It will provide alerts and alarms when you cross thresholds or when you are roaming. It will also show you a plan status icon in the status area if you have crossed a usage threshold.

Technologies: Calls, SMS, data traffic, WiFi, cellular, sockets, HTTP, XML