The mobile services market is in a high growth already decade and therefore the demand for mobile services is being increased sharply during recent years. We have got perspective customers all over the world and we make all efforts to satisfy their needs for well-designed products. To have satisfied customers we should not only provide high quality services but also keep improving.
For this reason we are looking for communicative, energetic, purposeful and initiative developers who are also capable to work in a team.
If you are interested in being a part of our growing company, please fill in the CV template with your own experience and expectations and send it to the Recruitment Department of {ME}.

Algorithm of taking a position

As far as you can imagine between sending CV and starting to work there are some points which are unique for each company. Our steps are quite simple and we suppose you will pass successfully all stages listed below:

  1. We review the CV. As a result test tasks and time frame to do it will be sent.
  2. You complete test tasks.
  3. You write a composition in English on a specific topic: 'Why I would prefer to work as a developer for mobile devices'. Send it with your test tasks. The size of this composition is around a page of A4 format.
  4. We agree with you the time for an interview.
  5. Probation period is starting.
  6. Work together!

Our primary goals from those steps are quite simple:

  • get a brief view point about a candidate;
  • receive understanding of a developer's skills;
  • find accuracy;
  • review the level of English.

What can you expect from probation period

Be ready to:
  • acquaint with project workcycle;
  • train development of skills;
  • train of coding conventions;
  • train of bug tracker and sources versioning workflow;
  • acquaint with specific tricks;
  • have not any access to ongoing real projects.