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About Product

The program is designed for recording of voice notes, interviews and comments and for quick navigation among them. The common practice of dictaphones usage is saying current time at the beginning of each record. Obviously this approach is inconvenient if you search a needed record among tons of them or you're going to group several records by topics. We suggest you to use textual marks that are linked to each record. They'll significantly help you to organise your voice notes.


  • The possibility to connect voice notes with textual data, called tags, notably system tasks, contacts, priority level, your own customized tags.
  • Data tags are embedded in audio files, so there are no additional outside databases or records.
  • Tasks and contacts are taken from the system.
  • Filters of audio records for quick navigation according to embedded tags.
  • Support of Speex encoding, the audio compression format designed for speech. It greatly saves your memory on flash drives. You can vary the balance between the quality and the filled space.
  • The GUI is designed to support a color theme of your mobile device.
  • You needn't to worry relocating audio files to your desktop and playing them with all well-known players.


screen 1 screen 2 screen 3
Recording screen with tags Player screen with filters Tags manager

Presentation Document

Here you can download the presentation document to have a quick tour through all main features of the program and to read short comments on them.

pdf iconDownload the presentation document (PDF, 540Kb)

pdf iconDownload the user manual (PDF, 340Kb)

Supported OS:

  • Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC; Windows Mobile 6 Pocket PC

Supported Languages:

  • English