Prising models

Mobile Effort offers to its customers different business cooperation models. Basically these are two models of cooperation - Fixed Costs and Time&Material basis.

Fixed Costs

For the projects where you can provide detailed specification, we suggest to use Fixed Budget Business Model with fixed cost and release dates. We analyze the requirements of our customers in detail to provide precise specification on software development and create exact development strategy.

Time & Material

We strongly suggest to use Time&Material for long-term projects and for projects where specification of project is vague or absent. As compared with fixed budget which is ideal for projects with detailed technical specification, Time&Material model is the best for large-scaled or fast-changing projects. Also the model gives an opportunity to make payment for services of Mobile Effort Company by parts according to millstones which are determined by a contract. Having signed an agreement which describes the team roles and rates, we will invoice you monthly or bi-weekly.

Dedicated Staff for your project

Do you need to enlarge your development team quickly? Our developers can be a very good solution for a small budget problem. We can provide dedicated resources for your projects as fast as you need it. They will become an offshore part of your team, understanding your concerns, company culture and your needs. Let us know and you will get access to C++, C#, Java developers skilled in one of mobile platforms and PC.

And certainly Mobile Effort keeps client confidentiality, maintains 100% data security and delivers accurately on time.Contact us here