On this page you can see projects implemented in Symbian OS

SMagic of serial barcodes

The program is intended for data receiving from scanner and carrying out defined actions in consideration of received data. The application is primary oriented on to post-scan handling.

Technologies: Bluetooth, XML, profiles, SMS, HTTP, data posting, client-server, CSV


The application scans for available WiFi hotspots in order to provide new connections. Whenever a device is off-line and a hotspot is detected the application performs a lookup in the device access point list.

Technologies: WiFi, autostart, background work, manual wifi connection, profiles, APN management

LBrowse data securely!

The aim of the project is to develop a mobile application that hides any private phone items (like message, contacts, images, videos etc.) from casual browsing of a users' phone.

Technologies: contacts, SMS, notes, gallery, callendar, call logs, scalable UI, native database, AES

LDriver for Keyboards

Set of drivers for different manufacturers. BT HID and SPP keyboards; driver for laser keyboard.

Technologies: remote keyboard, key posting, HID, SPP, layouts, key sequences

MBarcode recognizer

The main goal of the project to process recognition of QR-codes on-fly and send information using SMS or post data using predefined web-server.

Technologies: Camera, math, web, SMS, client-server

SSecure Calls & Secure SMS

The main idea of this projects bundle is to protect enterprise top-management customers from spies and stealing of commercial ideas.

Technologies: AMR, AES, RSA, 9.6 Kb bandwidth, on-fly encryption-decription, VoIP, Bluetooth, Phonebook

SGeo Photos

This is primary a geotagging application. Take a picture with your camera phone, attach current GPS position on to it and send to web-server. Share your favorite places with your friends.

Technologies: GPS, GPS tracking, Camera, view finder, custom UI, MMS, client-server, autostart

LPowerful IM

Universalized IM application with own UI controls, powerful real-time HTTP engine. Mobile application was developed in cooperation with Israel, Italian, India teams.

Technologies: custom UI, SMS, MMS, Calls, Phonebook customization, popup notifications

LBundle of apps for the 2nd world size network operator

Projects are intended to be in firmware of network operator. Types of projects: customized installer of app bundle, web-launcher, customization of access points.

Technologies: custom UI, questionnaire, memory card installs, calls, sms, USSD requests, phonebook, APN management

SMobile Advertizer

Revolution application in mobile advertising. The main idea is to show advertisement in time of user inactivity and based to target auditory. The application supports the following types of content: pictures, slideshow, Video. Our team was responsible for management and coordination of Ukrainian, Belarusian and 2 Russian development teams.

Technologies: autostart, SMS, calls, web browsing, client-server, questionnaire, HTTP, HTTPS, XML, smooth GIF visualization, video

MExpenses monitor

The app measures your data, voice, and sms usage and compares it to your telecom plan. It will provide alerts and alarms when you cross thresholds or when you are roaming. It will also show you a plan status icon in the status area if you have crossed a usage threshold.

Technologies: Calls, SMS, data traffic, WiFi, cellular, sockets, HTTP, XML, porting logic