On this page you can see projects implemented in Android OS

SQR-code reader

The app reads QR code and provides basic actions with result: opens URL, copies information, sends as a message.

Technologies: QR, Messaging, Web, clipboards

MRSS reader

The app fetches requested feed for posts and displays them. It allows to manage feeds, open posts in browser and share them.

Technologies: RSS, atom, HTTP, share

LSteps meter

Engine which primary goal is to count human steps.

Technologies: Accelerometer, math

MSleep tracker

The app detects dream phases and adapts to human dream cycle to wake him up at a certain time healthy.

Technologies: Accelerometer, alarm, clock, math

MGPS tracker

The app collects GPS route, shows it on a map and exports to several formats.

Technologies: GPS, map, XML, CSV

SGeo photos

The app makes photo, attaches current GPS location and a text comment, and shares all that with friends

Technologies: GPS, camera, photo, share, Messaging

LIM client

Simple IM client application to talk with friends using XMPP/Jabber protocol.

Technologies: XMPP, Jabber, XML, client-server, contacts

LGIF animation library

Android OS doesn't have own public API or control to show GIF images. The solution was developed for later integration with accents on smooth playing on slow devices.

Technologies: engine API, GIF, animation, low-level graphic

SExpenses monitor

The app measures your data, voice, and sms usage and compares it to your telecom plan. It will provide alerts and alarms when you cross thresholds or when you are roaming. It will also show you a plan status icon in the status area if you have crossed a usage threshold.

Technologies: Calls, SMS, data traffic, WiFi, cellular, sockets, HTTP, XML, porting sources