Cross-Platform Development

Cross-platform development is very popular, cost-effective and highly efficient up-to date solution. As a result app looks as native for each platform and respond to all customer needs.

We offer cross platform mobile app development for the most popular frameworks – Xamarin and React Native.

Cross-Platform development process

Our cross-platform developers help you to implement your ideas using the principles of the technology and a complete stack of cross-platform development tools. We deliver Android, iOS and Windows apps with native user interface, API-access and particular capabilities for every platform. Writing code once and quick delivery to already possible iOS, Android, Windows mobile devices is a realistic strategy that helps you to save money and quickly release a product.

Usually, cross-platform app development process includes steps:

  • Analyzing requirements;
  • Project estimation;
  • Creating UI scheme;
  • Direct development process of multiplatform app based on determined stages and functions;
  • Rigorous testing services;
  • Launching application on markets related to supported systems;
  • Postproduction assistance and support for released products.

Stack of Technologies

  • Visual Studio
  • Visual Studio for Mac
  • Rider
  • C#
  • Rx.NET
  • Xamarin Forms
  • React Native
  • Xamarin Android
  • Xamarin iOS
  • UWP 10

What are advantages of mobile multiplatform development

Mobile Effort developers have started to provide solutions for multiplatform apps since 2014. We become experts in these technology and we regularly work with multi-platform projects during these years. In our portfolio are as huge enterprise projects as small individual programs. To get more info please, see our featured projects.

Cross-platform applications are covered a wider audience and have advantages over native mobile platform development.

Main advantages of cross-platform development over standard approach:

  1. Using cross-platform technology reduces the time to develop and consequently the price of the product;
  2. Cross-platform apps demonstrate high and stable performance;
  3. An opportunity to launch the MVP for a wider audience;
  4. Close to native UI and UX;
  5. Fast and easy maintenance.

What technology is better for cross-platform mobile app development

Helpful recommendations from the Mobile Effort team regarding the choice of Xamarin or React Native framework for development.

Xamarin is better suited for applications with a more standard user interface. This technology is more structured but, at the same time, the user interface is less customizable for specific needs. In Xamarin, the user interface uses native controls for iOS, Android, or Windows.

React Native, on the contrary, allows you to more deeply change the standard UI and controls. Which of the technologies to choose is best decided in each individual case individually, in consultation with experienced developers.

Our developers are skilled in Xamarin and React Native. Important suggestions from the Mobile Effort regarding choosing a particular framework:

  • Xamarin is better suited for applications with a standard UI interface. This framework allows a good project structuring for all platforms – Android, iOS and Windows. At the same time, the framework uses native controls of iOS, Android, or Windows. Controls and UI are small customizable for inordinate needs.
  • React Native allows deeply changes in standard UI and controls. So React Native has more tools to provide more customizable UI.

Which of the technology – Xamarin or React Native to choose need to be decided in each case individually.

Ready to move forward? Explain us a main idea of your project to get a point from experts. Contact Mobile Effort team.

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