Call Stats

Let’s imagine your network carrier decided to update your monthly fee. At the same time another carrier fills up every billboard with a super new tariff and opportunities.

Can you say how many minutes you’ve spent for either making or retrieving calls to fit these super things to you and your callee. Every of these and more than these questions are answered in our product Call Stats.

Tags: Android, voice calls, minutes, chart, statistic

Corporate Order Manager

The application helps to manage purchasing of company equipment and corporate devices in several taps.

The app is integrated with a server that allows support of catalogue with different devices for corporate usage. Remote management is implemented with a set of roles – users and managers with own responsibility.

‘Corporate Order Manager’ app provides stylish UI and easy workflow for creating and approving any request to buy a device or change a carrier plan. The system of alerts and notifications doesn’t give any chance to miss an important information.

Tags: Xamarin, unified UX, deep UI customization, json API, dynamic data loading, Firebase analytics, account roles, localization, QA, Agile, Jira

Project Management System

Default Project Screen

There’re many special and common Management systems around the world. Luckily we have got own and use it successfully more than 10 years. It helps us to create and later monitor tasks, projects, store information about customers, build invoices. 

The system saved our and customer nerves many times with graceful handling of complaints with win-win results. 

Time by time we internally adopt it to new requirements, but heart is staying stable many years.

Tags: Web, HTTP, PHP, JScript, MySQL, plugin-based environment

Parcel tracker

The mobile project primary oriented on consumers of Delivery parcel project.User may track routing parcel and synchronize own schedule with a courier.

Simple intuitive UI with the same logic on both Android and iOS.

Minimal sequence of user actions give them efficient and rapid answer to questions.

Graphical visualization for parcel place, status – everything is here.

Tags: Xamarin, Android, iOS, HTTPS, REST API

Big data server

Default Project Screen

Big data. Gigabytes, Terabytes of different massives.

How to efficiently manage them and take only small required things from those super huge arrays? Special distributed servers, groupped in clusters. How to easily verify the results of developers are correct?

Right, automated testing help with typical tasks. Write the task by original requirement as simply as possible and compare results, that’s everything was required from us 🙂

Tags: QA, Hadoop, HDFS, YARN, WinSCP, SQuirreL Ambari, cluster

Delivery parcel

Delivery Parcel Image

The project is related to delivery parcels between different customers in one of European country.

Our team has received the project after one European development company. The mobile application contains in-built functionality for different roles: person which sort parcels in sorting centre and for a courier for exact delivery from sort centre.

Both roles communicate through WEB part and may work offline.

Tags: Android, Java, HTTP, REST API, REALM, Retrofit,, JSon, XML, Zxing, Butterknife, Joda time

Corpo Usage

Corpo Usage Image

The application helps to track data traffic usage for each user.

Corporations and large companies may predict expenses for own stuff and efficiently save many dollars in own operative processing.

Deep integration with Server side allows efficient remote management and unified adopted bill.

Tags: Xamarin, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, QA, traffic, per app usage, voice calls, SMS

Touch Alert

Default Project Screen

The simple application alarms if something is changed in environment at time, when owner is moved out of range.

The app works with some specific hardware and communicates with owner(s) by SMS, Voice call and transfers own GPS coordinates.

Tags: Android, Web, QA, SMS, GPS, voice call, network state

Want to buy

Default Project Screen

Everybody is experienced in shopping online. Let’s imagine your customer has got absolutely different method for making shopping much cheaper, can you say ‘no’? Of course we said yes and started to manage a development of that WEB-project.

Absolutely new paradigm brings usual things to a new reality.

We completed main concept and usage workflow, now it’s under UI branding. We can’t say more, because the project isn’t released yet and now goes out of our scope.

Tags: Web, project management, PHP, Yii, HTML, CSS, JScript, online payments, booking goods, internet shopping

Secure Email

Default Project Screen

Another application for a secret agent – Secure email. This adaptation was based on open-source project.

The web system allows you privately store emails strongly encrypted and decrypted on-fly with JScript and GPG algorithms. Clients exchange encrypted emails and only recipient may decode the content.

Simple stylish UI and easy workflow doesn’t bring your privacy to a hacker.

Tags: Web, node.js, GPG, HTML, CSS, JScript, GoLang, AES, RSA

{ME} Inventory

Default Project Screen

Many small and big things in office. How to verify everything is on own places and don’t miss anything?

Right verify each item through large the printed list. What if something is found broken or lives on another place? Exactly for such reasons we developed own Web and mobile client to help us with the inventory, but in e-way with barcodes.

Just scan everything around and find on screen what is missed and where it lays. As simple as efficient.

This is our ongoing project and soon we want integrate specialized device with in-built scanner.

Tags: Android, Web, QA, barcode, PHP, Yii2, XML, HTML, CSS, Jscript, import/export, camera, bluetooth scanners

Secure Chat

Default Project Screen

Privacy in messages to keep them as powerfully encrypted as impossible to read by any thirdparties from system owners, administrator, goverments, hackers etc.

The solution is invented exactly for such purposes, but take care, we can’t protect your information when you at gunpoint with your device.

Tags: Web, Linux, Android, QA, JSON, SHA256, AES, Diff-Hellman, ECDSA, Push messages (GCM)

Secure VoIP

Security, stolen information, improved security, hacked resources, privacy… Everything in this chain may interfere with your life when you become an owner of indeed high level of private information. At that moment you may think about totally encrypted voice calls. 

The solution applies unbelievable level of encryption and guaranties impossibility to be hacked in ongoing calls as well decrypted after.

Our mission was to improve existent open-source solution on mobile/server sides.

Tags: Linux, Web, Android, QA, Freeswitch, XML, ZRTP, TLS, AES, Diffie-Hellman, Silk, VoIP

App generator (Brander)

Default Project Screen

When you’ve got an interesting powerful solution, some companies want to have it under own unique name with own unique resources. The right way to add some abstraction to solution and generate final installation package. 

Many developers know that like Branding. The brand script may become much complex if you’ve got a set of useful applications. 

That’s a reason to be in this list of our experience.

Tags: Windows, Android

Laser Chat

How often you want to have some chatting but can’t do that with lack of Internet connection. This solution is intended to help with the problem. With the solution you may build own network and transfer data between members even abroad direct Bluetooth range or even WiFi, only important to have chain of connectors between you and your target person.

The project was invented for educational purposes, but hasn’t completed yet.

Tags: Android, Blackberry 10, QA, Bluetooth, WiFi, Chat

Test Quiz

Default Project Screen

Exams, colloquiums, papers. Somehow we managed a project for making knowledge assessment of students. We started the project with a student in university and moved from initial idea, projection, project documentation, implementation, code review and QA to solution is stage ‘ready to use’. 

With that project the developer was graduated to have a Specialist Degree (completed Higher Education).

Tags: Web, QA, PHP, JS, JQuery, customized tinyMC, math

Password Storage

The application is intended to assist users with storing of their passwords in single secure place. 

An access to the application is protected by master password which encrypts database and related data. 

Feel safe to use our secure solutions without a risk to present hacker your online passwords.

Tags: Android, QA, SQLite, Encryption, AES, RSA

Railway Tickets

Railway Tickets Image

Mobile client for ordering Railway tickets. 

Application users may view and order tickets from own baskets. 

We added ordering Taxi on arrival station and ability to pay from mobile. 

Some parts of existing application were also adopted for iPad screens.

Tags: iOS, XML, online payments, smart autosuggestion, taxi

Unified weather

The application provides weather information closely to you and allows to choose one or several cities manually. 

Forecast for three days is shown on primary screen. 

The information is retrieved in special format from our web-server and shown in pretty and simple design.

Tags: Symbian, QA, HTTP, XML

Auto APN

Default Project Screen

The small carrier application allows to detect if the carrier APN was setup as default. 

If it’s not, the application setups APN and makes it as default only for phones where SIM card is from special region. 

Nothing complex, but very useful for travelers with changing SIM cards to decrease expenses. So called auto APN configurator.

Tags: Symbian, APN, IMSI, MNC, MCC


The application allows users to reach money for advertisement view. 

Each view is precisely counted and transferred to real money, collected in your account. Content may be textual, image, video, AD is filtered per different groups, ages, interests. Sometimes user moves across questionnaires. Since now you want MORE Ad content. Unbelievable! AD eaters through life against one night.

Our specialist developed many mobile parts and managed this international project.

Tags: Symbian, WM, Android, SMS, AD, GIF, jpeg, png, cellID, GPS, HTTP, Project management

Calls in roaming

Roaming… Uh, again extra costs! Not a problem since now! The biggest European carrier provides special utility to make calls much cheaper through their own proxy. 

You’ve got special application with functionality of Phone book, but each roaming call costs less because special prefix is used. 

In addition, a page for Carrier numbers helps you reach list of useful numbers for balance or tech support.

Tags: Symbian, Voice call, Roaming

Market Downloader

Default Project Screen

Shoping in e-market is very easy, but content delivery is always a trouble because of unstable Internet connection. If download process is  interrupted, usually it starts again. 

The subapplication allows to continue downloading as soon as network connection become much stable. As the results user receives his/her content as soon as possible. 

Unified API and interface allows easily integrate the solution to different platforms.

Tags: Symbian, WM, Android, Downloader, APN

Dementia Assistant

Default Project Screen

The main goal of the product is to assist healthcare staff with their patients. 

Usually Alzheimer’s disease may have some troubles with understanding places and people around. 

The application helps find their patients and to support them with voice calls. 

Extensive support of further functionality is prepared on device to device level.

Tags: Symbian, Android, Web, Azheimer, SMS, voice call, reminder, GPS

Carrier expense monitor

Expense Monitor Image

The project is very powerful and great solution for real-time tracking of your expenses as for large companies as for individuals. 

Mobile client gather all related incoming/outgoing calls, traffic and SMSes count. Ranged alert system provides visual understanding of current usage and dramatically saves your wallet. 

Many complex tasks are made: customization for different carrier, localization to most world know languages, total UI customization for all platforms

Tags: Symbian, WM, BB, BB10, Android, iOS, QA, HTTP, Calls, SMS, traffic, TEM, Company level, billing intervals, billing plans, alert system

Cheap SMS

Default Project Screen

The main aim of the project is to make a service to cheap message sending with a help of server. 

The project is divided for Server and Client sides. 

Client side should be implemented for Symbian 3rd Edition phones. The client part should also support Symbian 5th Edition.

Tags: Symbian, SMS, HTTP, UX

Student Olimpiada

Student Olimpiada

The web system helps to organize Olimpiada between students. The project supports result viewers and different roles between organizers. 

Olimpiada itself is divided to two stages. The first supports managed count of yes/no questions. The second round is allowed for students with points above limit and mix the competitors between different computer classes.

Tags: WEB, HTTP, QA, Jscript, AJAX, CSS, UX, Drag-and-drop export, account roles, browser filtering, localization

Autologger for Visual Studio

Default Project Screen

The plugin is integrated to Visual Studio and allows automatically comment each function in selected resource. It adds log to start and exit points. 

The analytic allows smartly define all exit ways. Usage of such plugin dramatically decrease time for manual logging in Symbian projects.

Tags: Windows, Visual Studio, Tree parser

Log analyzer for Autologger

Default Project Screen

Plain logs usually are very complicate thing for analysis and detection reason of issues in ongoing application.  

The application helps to analyze logs and converts them to XML. It helps to understand call stack remotely and rapidly detect possible reason(s) of issue and exact line of the issue.

Tags: Windows, XML

Crypted SMS

The application prepares SMS content in editor and sends the SMS strongly encoded. 

Decoding of such SMS may be completed on mobile automatically, if mobile client was setup on remote phone to encrypt data. 

User may decode the SMS on WEB portal. Seed for decryption is securely transmitted by other intercommunication channels.

Tags: Symbian, WEB, SMS, HTTPS, AES128, RSA, short URL

MemCard Presetup Wizard

The application is formally represents a wizard that should autostart from a memory card automatically and configure pre-setup application from memory card by user choices and update services from Network Carrier portals.

The project was develivered for most popular network carier in Europe

Tags: Symbian, Launcher, Wizard, custom UI, APN, silent installation

MemCard for Services

Give to the user who have non-carrier phones for UMTS and GPRS a tool that is easy to access to all Network Carrier Services.

Network Carrier provides special initially prepared Memory card containing the application to allow to setup APN and start browsing immediately

Tags: Symbian, miniSD, APN, HTTP, XML, Autorun


The application changes something in our boring life. Just shake your device and see next image from gallery on you home screen. 

Innovative intercommunication with your device helps to save your time for routine operations. Shaking isn’t enough for you? Ok, Let’s use timer for updating those picture… Again bored? ok, move to another location and the picture is updated. 

The project is one of our honour, Sony Ericsson has embeded it to firmware of own phone.

Tags: Symbian, accelerometer, timer, location, localization