Good Arrival

Goods delivery is very popular request nowadays from our respective customers. Although many competitors are working for improving and stabilization of similar solutions, our experience in B2C and B2B allows to get closer to customer expectations.

The project idea is to help creating horizontal networking between Senders and Transporters. The customer has asked Mobile Effort team to update important features before a launch into production. So, we provided the following solutions with our experts:

  • Simplified UI/UX workflow
  • Redesigned application concept
  • Improved and stabilized Server API for interaction with mobile clients
  • Restored functionality of payment system
  • Optimized user interaction with using of push notifications

You have amazing chance to view part of the interactive prototype by the following link:

Tags: Android, Java, GPS, HTTP, REST API, in-app payment, meffort package name, tax calculation, UX, deep UI customization, functional and non-functional testing