To start cooperation with Mobile Effort feel free to contact us.

Our representatives will do all their best to give you feedback as soon as possible. We will assign a communication manager for you to negotiate and specify your ideas and proposals. During negotiation we are going to discuss some information associated with a project and your company’s requirements.

Usually it takes at about 2 business days. We need this time for carefully studying your requirements and estimate preparation.

Standart procedure of work

step 1


You pass us ideas and requirements of the project

step 2


We make detailed estimate and agree price values with you

step 3


You transfer us an agreed prepayment

step 4

Project get started!

We start a project development following by the timeline

Specialists of Mobile Effort will make detailed business proposal concerning your project implementation and send it to you for consideration. This business offer definitely contains detailed estimate of expenses and timeframe, suggested list of developers which will work on the project and milestones schedule of work performance.

As soon as all the aspects are clarified and you approve our proposal – we will assign project leader with whom you will communicate during the project development.

Why to trust Mobile Effort

  • To build mutual trust we divide a project into milestones, determine the progress of a work and a payment for these stages.
  • We have been working for so many years for our brand name and we keep this way to strengthen it only by receiving personally your satisfaction.
  • We could sign Non-Disclosure Agreement proposed by you.
  • We can manage your project through services, which are the 3rd party arbitrations and give customers guarantee that your project will be done by a specified estimate and within certain terms.
  • 100% Transparency. Availability in instant messengers, task monitoring system – everything to arrange your active involvement to the project and awesome feedback. With invoice we are always provide a detailed report with time spent on your project.
  • Scrum! Yes! During last years the concept is very popular and we use it almost 4 years with our customers.
    How to follow Scrum:
    1. You select involved specialist and provide them access to scrum system
    2. Schedule comfortable time for morning meetings
    3. Let’s make the project Great

Pricing models in software development services {ME} team uses

Mobile Effort offers to its customers different business cooperation models. Basically these are several models of cooperation – Fixed Costs, Time & Material basis, Dedicated Team. Each model is chosen for cooperation depends on the project type and requirements for implementation. Below are described when to use particular pricing models, advantages and disadvantages of every type.

Fixed Costs pricing model in software development

For the projects where you can provide detailed specification, we suggest to use Fixed Budget Business Model with fixed cost and release dates. This model is suggested for initial projects as well as for small projects.In this model everything should be discussed before start of development. Any extra work such as new features or updates that was not specified in documentation usually runs with an additional agreement.


  • you pay only defined price;
  • you receive solution in defined date.


  • you defines precise DOCUMENT to cover as much as possible details;
  • takes more time for initial project definition;
  • you CAN’T change anything during agreed period;
  • you overpay if project is completed earlier.

Time&Material pricing model in software development

For long-term projects where specification is vague or absent we strongly suggest to use Time&Material. As compared with fixed budget which is ideal for projects with detailed technical specification, Time&Material model is the best for large-scaled or fast-changing projects driven by agile execution.


  • contract is signed and project is started almost immediately;
  • you pay less if task/project is completed earlier;
  • you save time for documenting;
  • you flexibly change requirements.


  • much time for communication;
  • sometimes you overpay because of solving problems much deeper than required.

To compensate the latest "minus" Mobile Effort team provides detailed report about spent hours to demonstrate adequate proof for spent hours.

Also the model gives an opportunity to make payment for services of Mobile Effort by parts according to milestones which are determined by a contract. Having signed an agreement which describes the team roles and rates, we will invoice you monthly or even bi-weekly.

Dedicated Team model in software development

Do you need to enlarge your development team quickly?

Our developers can be a very good solution for a small budget problem. We can provide dedicated resources for your projects as fast as you need it. They will become an efficient remote part of your team, understanding your concerns, company culture and your needs. Let us know and you will get access to skilled and smart developers.


  • full compliance with your business goals and total control of project planning;
  • less documentation needs to be created;
  • visible and simple monitoring of tasks execution;
  • closer collaboration with internal and dedicated staff;
  • getting a deeper experience in the subject of software development.


  • the model is not effective for short-term projects;
  • customer has to spent more time for management engaged team.

Contact us and you will get access to skilled and smart developers.