Rostyslav Gryb photo
Rostyslav Gryb,
CEO of Mobile Effort

The correct project management is the fundamental part of the software development process, which allows to provide a successful project implementation and to satisfy customer's requirements. This point is very crucial for us and therefore we pay much attention to the quality of this procedure.
In Mobile Effort Company there are high skilled managers with a seven-year experience in IT structure. They are responsible for precise task definition, project formulation and planning, as well as for control of its performance. The specialists of our company have developed and introduced own CRM - Project Management System (PMS) to monitor ongoing project processes more accurately.

Exactly this enables our team to:

  • manage the projects successfully;
  • manage all projects portfolio of the company;
  • allocate resources between many projects;
  • effectively manage, predict and prevent risks;
  • trace the projects condition and current resources overload;
  • give the project development status to our clients with any periodicity.