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  • Registration in {ME}
  • Allows discounts
  • Direct payment

Steps to register our application

  1. You transfer money for us via PayPal. The recipient’s e-mail address is E-mail’s subject is “Message In Time registration”. Please mention the following data in an explanation note:
    • Your full name
    • The discount code if you’ve got it (details see below)
    • Your device IMEI
  2. We send back our confirmation that money is transferred.
  3. You select “Options” – “Registration” from the main screen in the application. If you don’t see this menu option than your version is already registered.
  4. Press the “Web verification” item. The application tries to connect to official Mobile Effort server and check the application validity.


You’ll get the discount code by e-mail that contains the signature file. Give it to anybody of your friends you want. They get a discount of 0.95$ if this code is written in the explanation note while purchasing the product.

Web verification

In a new version customers are able to use less complicated method of the purchase validation. This method is really one-click in case of availability of the Internet connection.