UI/UX Design

Examples of interactive prototypes

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UI/UX design delivery process

The process of design delivery contains specific steps that are determined by standards, guidelines, platform requirements, and technology restrictions.

Workflow of the UI/UX design delivery process:

Every stage is accompanied of deep collaboration with customer to provide the right solutions emphasize all features of the product. During interface development process all materials run through tester verification to correspond standards and early weakness revealing.

Stack of Technologies

  • Adobe XD
  • Lunacy
  • InVision Application
  • InVision Studio
  • Sketch
  • Figma

Approaches of UX/UI design that works

  1. Use standard elements – it is better to use conventional design elements like buttons, input fields, fonts etc.
  2. Easy understandable user interface – make sure that provided design is simple and easy to follow. If you need an user-manual to understand how the app works, than user experience fails.
  3. Support inclusive design – it helps us to make design useful for everyone and automatically expands product users audience.
  4. Speed is on priority – it is very important aspect. When the designer is worried about user time – images, interfaces should take only a second to load. So keep size of graphic and images less.
  5. Keep it user friendly – clear and simple interface helps users directly achieve their goals. It increases product performance, attract many customers to your product.