Event Leads UI/UX Design

Working with a large number of clients becomes easier when you have a reliable assistant at your hands. Event Leads app is designed to simplify process of collecting data and feedback from event participants.

Due to the fact that the main interaction with the application occurs “on the go”, it is necessary to make UI and UX of the application as easy to use as possible. To do so, Mobile Effort creative team decided to locate all of the important options on one screen. Solution with Barcode scanner has been provided for quick client’s identification. Feature of scanning barcode saves lots of time for a person responsible in taking info from event participants.

Using Event Leads application is possible in offline mode. It works with even without an active Internet connection or data plan on a smartphone.

Project Goals

Event Leads preview image

The application is designed as a cross-platform app and meets needs of both Android and iOS systems.

Mobile Effort team has to implement next ideas in UI/UX design of Event Leads application:

Event Leads application mockup creating

Event Leads Login screen
Event Leads Home screen
Event Leads Scan screen
Event Leads confirmation screen

The first step is a carefully analyzing of Event Leads app using scenarios. Based on results received after this analyzes Mobile Effort experts create wireframes related to user workflows.

Our team is strongly suggested to start with Low Fidelity prototyping to save developers time and customers money. Simple and schematic wireframes can provide a wider understanding of application functionality and concept. Making user scenarios visible with wireframes can improve business logic and user experience on the beginning of project development. It saves many resources and lets to prevent bugs occurrence on further development stages.

The second step is making highly detailed UI design and creating interactive prototype. High Fidelity prototype allows user to get a realistic feelings of the app interaction. Screens and transitions between them look as much as a final product. It will give a speed feedback that helps a lot for improving user experience.

Interactive High Fidelity Prototype

Event Leads prototype default image

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