Goods Delivery UI/UX Design

Goods Delivery application has been created to help any person do shopping in a simple way. The general idea of the app is to do shopping online and get goods delivered from nearby markets, shops, restaurants, cafes etc. Just add items from catalogue to the cart, choose time and place for delivery, take a rest while someone cares the order.

The app supports regular orders that user makes repeatedly. Such as a common set of food for a week or favorite pizza from a restaurant. The delivery process is also passed under your control. Ability to track the order during its way from market to requested place helps buyer to receive goods on time.

The confirmation process of grocery receipt is as simple as possible. Just let driver to scan QR code generated for particular order. If buyer is not at home QR code can be shared with person who can receive goods shipping.

Project Goals

Goods Delivery preview image

The project contains 3 parts of instances:

Next goals are achieved with Goods Delivery project:

Goods Delivery wireframes creating

Home screen
Cart screen
Submit order screen
Track on map screen

During design process were created individual prototypes that cover every part of the system – buyer, driver and market application.

Time spent on accurate and deep analysis of UX and UI design stages allows efficient using of development time. Such approach enables early detection of potential development and business logic errors during project implementation.

Keeping the business logic of the Goods Delivery system into safety forces Mobile Effort team to show only simplified example of clickable prototype based on buyer’s profile.

Interactive High Fidelity Prototype

Goods Delivery prototype default image

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