Hiking Crab UI/UX Design

Find who is on the same way with you! The main idea of the application is to find drivers or travelers for joint trips in one direction. There are two user roles driver and passenger in the project.

A passenger needs to send his request for a trip with the start and end points of the road. After that passenger receives offers from drivers with whom he is on the same way. The selected driver will contact the traveler and inform about a time to hit the road.

A number of attractive features are provided for drivers - this is the price offered by the passenger and the correspondence of the requested route to the area which the driver supports.

Project Goals

Hiking Crab preview image

The team of designers had following tasks when developing UI/UX design of the application:

The driver profile is hidden from view in this example of work to maintain the confidentiality of the application business logic.

Hiking Crab wireframes creating

My Route screen
Request screen
Trip comfirmation screen
Choose Location screen

After a detailed analysis of Hiking Crab app use cases covered the main features of the app, our designer team creates visual wireframes that cover all of the tasks.

In the process of creating the design of the application, we offer to customers as Low Fidelity as High Fidelity UI/UX design.

The Low Fidelity design process deeply explores user experience and covers the main user workflows of the app. Low Fidelity wireframes are an excellent resource for any mobile project. Before spending time and resources on complex high-precision frames, designers and developers should agree on the main components and functionality to avoid further extra development.

Next step is detailed elaboration of wireframes with the aim to make look similar to the final product. High Fidelity wireframes help users feel more realistic experience with the application.

As a final result customer receives user-focused design established on an intuitive and convenient interaction with the user interface.

Interactive High Fidelity Prototype

Hikingcrab Prototype default image

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